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We met Lucky when he was eight years old. It was clear that he could see very little and as a result, he remained in pre-primary. Knowing Lucky was not born blind, we knew we could save his sight. After receiving his di agnosis of bilateral cataracts, we contacted the Fred Hollows Foundation in Kenya to see if they could help. The incredible team found the money to fund one eye surgery and further, sought funding from Kikuyu Hospital to fund the second eye surgery. Lucky’s injury was too old to regain 20-20 vision again, however, his sight has improved tenfold. He is now in year one and is number one in his class for all subjects. Fred Hollows Found ation and Kikuyu Hospital:

  • Bilateral cataract surgery $400
  • Lucky’s hospital fees $70
Mama Respond covered:
  • Initial consultations $110
  • Transport to and from appointments $25
  • Transport for Mama Lucky to and from the hospital $120
  • Follow up treatment $10
  • Income replacement for the days Mama Lucky took off work $30
  • Medication $20

Total $310


Moses was fourteen when we met him. He suffered an injury when he was younger which caused temporary blindness to one eye. We took him to Kikuyu Hospital where he was treated for an eye infection and was issued glasses for light sensitivity and general seeing. Mama Respond covered:

  • Initial consultation $60
  • Transport to and from hospital $25
  • Glasses $90
  • Income replacement $10
Total $185


Hasan came to the special needs unit when he was fourteen because he never developed his speech. We took him to Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital where he saw a speech pathologist, however, Hasan’s condition was too old to treat. We did confirm that language was Hasan’s only barrier in life, and though it is likely that he will never talk, we support him with a personal tutor. Hasan has returned to mainstream learning and is receiving regular tutoring to reinforce the lessons learnt in class. Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital:

  • MRI scan $208
  • EEG scan $208
  • Hearing test $208
Mama Respond:
  • Transport $33
  • Speech therapy $100
  • Tutoring annually $400
Total $533 Continuing annual fee $400


Abby sustained a brain injury at birth and suffered endless seizures. After years of misdiagnoses and assumptions about Abby’s condition, we took her to Gertrude's Children’s Hospital. Her poor health meant the doctors had to treat pneumonia and typhoid and flush her body of incorrect medication before they could assess her condition. One month later, Abby had emergency brain surgery to unkink a nerve in her brain. Abby has not suffered any seizure since her surgery. She continues on the road to recovery with monthly physiotherapy to learn how to walk and talk again. It is our hope, and Mama Abby’s hope, that Abby can live a comfortable life free of pain. Gertrude's Children’s Hospital:

  • Brain surgery $600
  • Medication $100
  • Abby’s hospital bill $200
Mama Respond:
  • Transport to and from hospital $187
  • Mama Abby’s bed in the hospital $109
  • Transport for physiotherapy monthly $46
  • Total: $342


We met Lydia when she brought Abby to the special needs unit. While enquiring about Abby’s health, we met Lucky (who needed bilateral cataract surgery) and we realised that Lydia too needed a sponsorship. Lydia was in an abusive relationship and earnt $1 a day, which fed and housed herself and her four kids. Lydia wanted to become a seamstress and provide a safe home for her kids. With the promise of sponsorship, she did just that. Monthly sponsorship: $120 Dressmaking school for one year: $1500 Lydia is now seeking sponsorship to buy her own shop and independently support her family. Sponsor Lydia to help kickstart her business


Ali fell through the gaps and missed educational fundamentals from an early age and he never managed to catch up. It then became clear that Ali had dyslexia. When we met Ali’s Aunty, we learnt that Ali’s mother passed away when he was very young from AIDS and his father was never seen since. Ali also contracted HIV from birth and responsibly treats the virus. He was sponsored to go to a private school with a better teacher-student ratio and received weekly tutoring in the hope that he would pick up. As Ali continued to struggle through school it seemed that it was too late. However, he did finish high school and is going on to become an auto electrician. Annual high school fees: $1000 Annual transport: $62.50 Annual pocket money: $125 Uniform and learning materials over seven years: $600


Hellen came from a low socioeconomic family who could not afford to send her to high school. Her father passed away when she and her sister were young, and her mother left the girls with their Aunty, who had seven kids of her own. Hellen achieved a good end of year eight result and showed great potential for high school. She completed her four years of high school, then finished a computer course and a modelling course. Hellen was later selected by her church to work abroad. Annual high school fees: $1000 Annual transport: $31 Annual pocket money: $125 Uniform and learning materials over four years: $300


After high school, Peter was accepted to study engineering. Like many graduates in Kenya, the family simply cannot afford the price of a higher education. We have been sponsoring Peter for four years. He will graduate at the end of 2020 with a certificate that will change his life and the life of his family. Annual tuition: $1600


Anne had ambition, determination and guts. She approached our Director, Erin, and explained her goal of running her own business. Anne had already completed a certificate in Business and Management and only needed funding for the startup costs. We gifted Anne an Mpesa shop - Mpesa is the form of money exchange in Kenya. Since 2013, Anne has moved to a better location, expanded the business’ financial capacity and added phones and accessories to her market. Anne supports her sister’s high school education, her nephew’s primary school education and she installed electricity on her parent’s rural property. Total donation: $1000