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special needs centre

In 2017, Noonkopir Township Primary School opened a special needs unit. Within five days of operation, forty students were enrolled, and the numbers continued to increase. Unfortunately, the room for the students is inadequate for the amount of students and their particular needs. 

The room is a small tin shack with no disability aids, nor disability access. Inside the room, there is one table and four chairs. Children with conditions that prevent them from sitting or standing lay on the bare concrete floor until the school day is over. The students must use the generic toilets which bear no aids to assist them, nor a path to accommodate them.


The team at Mama Respond International wishes to build a state-of-the-art special needs unit to accommodate all the students. It will include disability access, bathrooms accessible within the building, a veranda around the whole building with garden beds for motor skill development, water tanks for everyday access to water, and a recycling water system. The room will be fitted with disability aids, appropriate furniture and specific learning materials. 


The unit will be built in June 2021 and will cost 25,500 AUD. 

The special needs unit needs to be equipped with disability-friendly furniture and fittings:

Table $100

Chair $10

Bunk Bed $140

Mattress $31

Blanket $7.50

Sheets $10.90

Water tank $625

Vegetable plant $4.70

Toilet bowl $28

Sink $14

Couch $400

Bookcase $100

Furnish the rooms

how you can help

The exposed cement floor needs to be carpeted and/or covered in linoleum for cleanliness and comfort.


Carpet $156                          Linoleum $400


the floor

Good quality toys are hard to find in Kenya. We accept wooden toy donations in Australia which will be transported to Kenya. Please email us if you wish to donate toys. 

donate toys

The students need notebooks, colouring-in books, pens, pencils, colouring pencils, textbooks, and storybooks.

One year’s supply of stationery: $500

One year supply of textbooks: $300

One year supply of storybooks: $300

donate learning materials

We employ three teachers in the special needs unit.

Monthly wage for one teacher: $150

Pay a teacher's wage

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